"Store automatic door unlocking"

There are not so many requests to unlock automatic doors.However, when it comes to bar key frame locks, there are extremely few. It's about once a year or not.In most cases, the lever tumbler is either GOAL Goal T-1 or WEST West 51.In rare cases, there is also SHOWA's.Looking at the characteristic deadbolt part, one can be found.

This time is WEST.However, even if a dedicated tool is installed, the position of the tension Tumbler does not match the dedicated tool.In the left-handed position, the position of the tension Tumbler is located on the foremost side. There are 3 lever tumblers for both GOAL and WEST.

This special tool was made in a domestic workshop, but it is not all-purpose.There is a restriction that it cannot be operated depending on the position of the tension Tumbler and the case where it does not enter the keyhole.It seems that the universal type can only be purchased from China.

This time, I was able to enter the store by unlocking from the door instead of unlocking from the front door.

For WEST waist 532 lock measures, prepare 5 types of keys in consideration of cost performance, and for GOAL goal T-51 measures, prepare a self-made dedicated tool (separate type) and an integrated universal tool made in China. It was decided to.There are some safes made in China, but I also got them and tailored them for the GOAL T-51.

WEST BIT KEY 532 lock frame