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Monthly Archive: June 2021

With full cover (thumbturn cover) GOAL-PX-GOEcylinder breaking and unlocking

"Lost key, Unlocking the entrance door" Normally, I was told by thumbturn that there was no cover. As far as the CCD is concerned, the thumbturn is a thick type, so it is usually a thumbturn.The problem is full …

MIWA.U9.HMW Toilet lock repair at a certain recycling store

"Repair or replacement because the toilet key is not locked." It is said that the key from the inside is not locked.The cause is that the positions of the deadbolt and the strike are completely out of alignment.There were traces of replacement by another vendor.Because the length of the spindle plate of the knob on the cinder side is short ...

Celsior long type in-lock unlock

"Charging in-lock" The battery was dead, so it was charging, but it was locked during the work.It's due to the restoration of the power supply, but I can't think of it that much. I thought it was MT-2 TOY40, and I got a special one last month ...

The door does not open due to idle thumbturn

``thumbturn spins and the door doesn't open'' GOAL AS.LX's thumbturn.Perhaps the screw is loose and the spindle shaft is missing.Upon inspection, it was still loose.Reinstall it, tighten it to prevent it from loosening, and you're done.

TITAN Kwikset Cylinder replacement

"Cylinder replacement for moving into a used detached house" A used detached house on the stairs with nearly 100 steps.The entrance was a lock of a quick set.If you look closely, the cylinder is LOCKMAN.At KABA ACE, which just arrived the other day, Thailand ...

Electric lock MIWA.AL02 unlocking

"Unlocking the automatic entrance lock" It is said that the door was sadly closed automatically when I noticed that I went out without holding the key carelessly.There are different types of automatic locks.Most of the handlebars are in the shape shown in the photo.Latchbol from the gap ...

Unlocking the entrance door canceled during divorce mediation PR.PGF714-U1

"Lost key, Unlocking the entrance door" I wondered where I was asked to refuse, but the reason and the content of the identity verification are unclear.You can feel that something is hidden.Arriving at the scene while feeling suspicious.Then, he showed me the purchase contract and owned the client himself ...

Unlocking and disassembling and cleaning the WEST5500 auxiliary lock

``I accidentally closed the key that I didn't use.'' The entrance auxiliary lock that I haven't used for about 5 years.When I accidentally closed it and closed it, it stopped working.In other words, it is said that it became impossible to leave the front door. It's a West thumb-latch, and pretty old-fashioned.From the front door …

Sha-Maison SEKISUI HouseUnlocking the entrance door

"Cylinder malfunction Unlocking the entrance door" There is a key, but the cylinder does not rotate at all.Looking at the key, the key with the Sha-Maison engraving on the silicone head.Was that so after all?This combination of handles is a Sha-Maison type. …

LSPUnlocking the entrance door

"Lost key, Unlocking the entrance door" It seems that all wallets such as identification cards and cards have been lost along with the bag.It is said that he reported it to the police, but he said that the smartphone was secured.In the presence of the person in charge of the management company at the scene, it was completed with normal thumbturn unlocking, but as soon as possible...

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Hmm ... I'll exchange it before this happens.

Hmm ... I'll exchange it before this happens

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