"Cylinder replacement due to theft"

It is said that he was stolen with a bag while he was looking away from the car parked in front of his house.When he arrived, the police had already questioned him.The upper and lower WEST cylinders are the same, but unfortunately they were out of stock.

There are two types, upper and lower, but convenience is a little lower, but crime prevention is improved, and I asked them to consider it.Since it was just stolen and I was quite worried, I decided to proceed by replacing the Deadbolt222 auxiliary lock first.

This time, I chose a FUKI AD compatible cylinder (bronze) that didn't come into play very often.However, since the dimensions are not completely compatible, additional machining of mounting holes was required.As a result, the existing holes can be seen, so I also installed FUKI bronze escutcheons.

A week later, I got the WEST916-G6000 WGO Kinkobi color for the cylinder main lock, which was also used as a dimple key to improve crime prevention.Let's keep this type in stock in the future.