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Monthly Archive: June 2022

TOSTEM Egg (Z2A1DCTC) Entrance cylinder breaking and unlocking

"While working on the balcony on the 2nd floor, the shutter closed without permission, so I want you to unlock it from the entrance and open the shutter." It seems that he went out to the balcony with the shutter shutter half-opened.While I was working, the shutter shutter went down and closed without permission ...


PR.PGF703+B5x2 security thumbturn unlock

"Lost key, Unlocking the entrance door" He said he found it lost after returning from shopping.The report says it's not a thumbturn for crime prevention, but I can't tell unless I take a peek and check it out.Target is PR.PGF703 push-pull grip handle type round lock …


Stepped smoke guard SHIN-NIKKEI Kurimo MIWA PR.LE-11/TE-02 Unlocking the front door

"Responding to inquiries about unlocking the front door even though there is no door scope or post." (I see, that door with white glass...) In the old days, there was no doorscope, so normal thumbturn unlocking …


Normal unlocking MIWA LASP with thumbturn cover

"Lost key, Unlocking the entrance door" We will ask the client to check the photos and understand the shape of the thumbturn.Therefore, proceed with normal thumbturn unlocking.However, although I didn't feel it in the probing state, I felt a sense of incongruity in the two shots, and confirmed it with the camera.


Struggling with crushed screws PR.PGF703 Push-pull grip handle Cylinder disassembly, cleaning and repair

``Inspection and repair of malfunctioning cylinders'' PR.PGF703 This is a thick model with a grip handle that is more than 50 mm from the door.You won't see a security thumbturn on this model.Defect inspection and repair of cylinder operation may require disassembly depending on the situation.


MIWA LB.10DAF + U1 Door opening / closing abnormality Inspection and repair

"The door won't open from the inside or the outside." It was a request from the woman who moved in today.The door won't open with the key or thumbturn.It was like contacting me after I moved in and organized my luggage.There are many troubles in such situations by women, so there is a negative …


Unlocking the TOSTEM entrance door with double lock with smoke guard

"Unlocking the front door of a detached house without a door scope and post" The request was for a door without a door scope.Moreover, although it is a detached house, it is a rental property for rent.In other words, unlocking is almost refused.Well, that door on Google ...


SwitchBot lock + upside down PR.BH Unlocking the retrofit electronic lock

"Unlocking the entrance door" The request was only simple information.Of the two locks, only the upper one was requested to be unlocked. If you check on Google, it is a double lock of the knob and the auxiliary lock.What exactly does this upper side only mean? …


Unlocking the EPIC LE-2D electronic lock-Do you know the person? Auxiliary lock-

"Unlocking the entrance door" I was a foreign client who returned home for the first time in a week.It is a declaration that the door does not open even though there is a key, and it is a request to unlock due to a malfunction of unlocking.It was stated that there was no door scope, but this point is unknown. According to the confirmation on Google Maps, it is old ...


Unlocking two entrance doors, U9.LA and SHOWA X.CL-50

"Unlocking the entrance door due to not carrying the key" It was 90 unlocking the entrance door in a row in 2 minutes. (30 minutes travel + 15 minutes work) x 2 cases.There is also an instant method, but this time both were completed with normal thumbturn unlocking from the doorscope.degree …

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