"I got stuck in the toilet"

It was an apartment complex that was built nearly 50 years ago.The apartment complex has many old properties.In that case, there are many defects around the water and around the key, but this time it seems that the key to the toilet that was deceived and used finally stopped opening.

When I arrived at the scene, there were 4-5 ladies.It seems that they struggled for about an hour by themselves, but decided to call Kagiya.

There is no lock from the outside, but if you check it carefully, it looks like a simple lock inside.Drill a hole in the door, break the lock, and refill the hole you drilled.I broke the glass and put my arm inside to unlock it.

We proposed to block the broken glass with cardboard, etc., and in the end, we decided to break the glass.

When I checked after unlocking, the simple lock was an AGE internal lock.The deadbolt was wobbly and not sliding very well.

It seems that the whole door will be replaced in the future, so the replacement of the lock has been postponed.