"Even if disassembled, the door will not open"

It was a detached house case.The door lock could not be opened, so the client's family disassembled it as far as they could.I received a call because it still did not improve.

When I arrived at the scene and checked it, the handle part of the push-pull grip handle lock made by WEST was removed.It is an unfamiliar electric lock operation panel.All switch sensors and electromagnetic solenoid wiring was in the unit on the strike side.There was no wiring on the main lock side main body case.

Also, fortunately, the front was left as it was, so it seems that there is no serious door lock due to the rotation of the latch bolt.

The lock case can be seen from the outside, so the cylinder cam is operated, but it is quite hard and locked.Therefore the deadbolt will not retract.

One of the causes is the aged deterioration of the movable part of the lock case, so I carefully washed it and turned the cylinder cam with a little force to unlock it.

The lock case was then disassembled and further cleaned and lubricated to improve operation.If the same phenomenon occurs in the future, the lock case will be replaced.

Please stop interlocking with the electric lock and agree to operate only with the mechanical key.