Lockout of residential entrance door

entrance door

Open/Repair/Replace. We will take care of any problems you may have with your residential entrance door. If you have lost your door key, the key has broken, or your child has locked the door from inside, we can also handle the security issues shown in the photo below.

Available various security thumbturn

Security thumbturn made by MIWA

miwa u1 b5
switch type

storage type

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PULL+eccentric type

Security thumbturn made by GOAL

TM type

Normal operation is as easy as the traditional thumbturn.
Unauthorized unlocking is prevented because the special mechanism does not turn with an eccentric force.

TME type

Normal operation is as easy as the traditional thumbturn.
Can be switched to idling mode with a switch

TMB type

Unauthorized unlocking is almost impossible with a constantly idling thumbturn.
When operating, press the clutch type switch before operating.

PX GOE type optional security thumbturn made by GOAL

px goe option th.webp

OPNUS (OPNUS)Swing thumbturn・Patante

fireshot capture 038 www.opnus.co.jp

Clavis (CLAVIS) Security thumbturnCD-THX made by Shibutani

Fuji sash original storage type thumbturn (GOAL GOE built-in type)

screenshot 2

SHERLOCK SHERLOCK analog card lock

SHERLOCK II master (SHERLOCK ii master) / SHERLOCK Ⅲ master (SHERLOCK iii master) analog card lock

*The OEM manufacturer/shipper is the manufacturer, OPNUS.The distributor is SHERLOCK Co., Ltd. of the Starts Group.After taking it apart and examining it, I found that it was a well-designed mechanism.

removing broken cards

Remove broken cards by pulling them out.We will remove it without disassembling the main unit, which will void the manufacturer's warranty (*depending on the defect situation).

Unlocking with a pseudo card

If you do not have a door scope, etc., create a pseudo card as a special unlocking method. This is a dimple-shaped card that uses 85 micron thin aluminum tape and does not have holes. This improves production efficiency, eliminates the aluminum tape dust that was created using the conventional method, and eliminates the cause of operational defects after unlocking and recovery.

Door closer, door guard repair replacement

We repair and replace door closers that malfunction due to oil leaks, make banging noises, and door guards (door bars) that have become plastic. In particular, door guards that have become plastic should be replaced as soon as possible, as they may slam shut due to wind and lock you out.

Replacement of cylinder set for entrance door / living door, addition of auxiliary lock

Cylinder set

There is a problem with the lock of the front door or living room door. It's old and I want to replace it with a new one. I would like to add a new auxiliary lock, etc. Also, I would like to replace it with a new cylinder set to improve security. We will replace these with a cylinder set of equal or better quality.

Unlocking, repairing, and replacing bedroom locks, bathroom locks, and toilet locks

Replace the lock with a key to prevent your pet from escaping from the bedroom by cleverly operating the door lever. We repair and replace locks for bathroom doors that are old and difficult to open, and for toilets that no longer lock. Also, unlock when you are locked in the living room or indoors.

Creating a master key


We create duplicate keys for jagged keys on-site. In the case of dimple keys, they are made by the manufacturer. In this case, it may take about 3 to 4 weeks.

Unlocking the entrance door requires identity verification

When unlocking the entrance, etc., the following card is required as a card document that matches the address of the target home or building.

The listed address and face photo matchAssuming that you are doing

  • Driver’s License
  • My number card
  • Residence card
Requires one of the above cards

The address on the above card does not matchAt this time, it is necessary to additionally confirm the invoice issued and mailed by public organizations such as electric gas.The correct name and address are listedBe printed(Handwriting is not proof) is required.

When replacing equipment such as cylinders, the landlord or clientEvidence that the person certifies the borrower (original sales contract)will be required in addition to your identification documents.

Documents that cannot be verifiedIsNo face photoDocuments andAddress is handwrittenThis applies to passports, insurance cards, etc.

If you cannot confirm your identity,Witnessing a police officer or a housing management companyIs required.

Please contact the local police or housing management company to request attendance.In advance by yourselfIt is a prerequisite that you go.Thank you in advance for your understanding.