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Tag : Foreign matter removal

MIWA U9.LA Cylinder does not turn even with key

"I can't open the door because I have the key but it doesn't stick" This is a normal entrance door.I had the key but the cylinder wouldn't turn.I worked on it assuming that it was a malfunction such as dirt due to aged deterioration, but it is not improved at all.Scouring the cylinder …


MIWA PR.LD Cylinder malfunction overhaul repair

"The key won't turn. I put alcohol gel in it, but it doesn't fix it."The client was an elderly woman who was likely to have some cognitive difficulties.It seems she put the alcohol gel she had on her own...


FUKI/INAHO GOAL-TXK Malfunction due to key deformation

"I can't get the key in" He said that suddenly the key didn't come in.Is it malfunctioning due to aging?When I checked it at the site, it was a cylinder for GOAL TXK, but an INAHO (made by Fuki) cylinder was installed.power …


WEST ACT Lock 917 Cylinder Assembly Repair, for National Residential Apartments

"The cylinder has come off and is wobbly" What does it mean when the cylinder comes off?It is still possible to go in and out.It is said that it was a phenomenon that suddenly occurred this morning, but if the screw gradually loosened and came off, there is an explanation.


U9.LA Foreign matter mixed, tumbler disassembly, cleaning and repair

"If the key does not stick, the key will malfunction." Certainly, the key cannot be inserted at all just at the beginning.It's not a tough situation.From the client's behavior, I am worried about someone outside, whether something was done by the stalker.I left the scope in the parking lot, so it's dark ...

Foreign matter removal of twigs PS.WD5113.FDG disassembly, cleaning and repair

"I can't open the lock because my child put something in it."It looks like you put a twig in it.The cylinder is PSDN.WD5113 (common name: "SENBEI", pancake).If you remove it with a scope, there is definitely a twig in the back of the cylinder …

Store kitchen door Unlocking by removing foreign matter

"There is a foreign object in it and the key does not stick." In preparation for opening the store, when I point the key at the kitchen door as usual, it does not stick.It looked like a keyhole, but I just stuck it in.It is said that the key is no longer stuck. It's a U9.MA lock.Keyhole for normal work ...

KEIDEN.LA CARD KEY Understanding lock

"Card key Unlocking the entrance door" Arrive at the site and hear the situation. It seems that you can proceed with normal thumbturn unlocking.In addition, when I asked about the usual operation method, I was told that I had a card key.I wanted you to talk to me from the beginning.If you point the key, it will go to the back …

U-Shin Showa Sliding Door Lock KHW Readjustment

"The key is loose and difficult to lock." This is a request for inspection.The site is a detached rental property that moved in three months ago.He said that he was frustrated because he couldn't get the key even though he paid for the key exchange.When I checked the movement, it was working without any problems.For the time being ...

LIXIL sliding door "L-MOVE" PS (DN) type disassembly cleaning repair

``The key does not work properly.'' I would like to have it inspected and repaired.It is a specification often seen in detached houses.Whether a hinged door is better or not is a matter of personal preference.Targets the upper cylinder.Because it does not improve with just the usual cleaning spray …

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Hmm ... I'll exchange it before this happens

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