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Indoor confinement due to incorrect strike installation. Unlocking the entrance door OPNUS MMX-2-TX.TLK+SK

``The door won't open from either the inside or the outside.'' When they arrived at the scene, it seemed that someone from the management company had already been called.It seems that the management company cannot open the door even when they turn it with the key they borrowed from the owner.It's true that the upper part only turns halfway.Is the door warped on the outside?


OPNUS MMX-2-TX.TLK+SK double normal unlock

"Lost key, Unlocking the entrance door" When I called another company, it seems that they said, "The newly built property has a crime prevention thumbturn, so it costs about 30,000 YEN per place."I guess he received an estimate explanation as a possibility, but it is not high at all, but the request …


OPNUS-Memolis.LA with security thumbturn cover, Unlocking the entrance door

"I forgot my key at my parent's house" It is a common case after consecutive holidays.According to the client's declaration, the key was not security-resistant, and it was planned to be a normal unlocking work. If you check the cylinder collar of OPNUS MEMOLIS, it will move freely, so it is a thumbturn for LA.


OPNUS-Memolis.GOAL-TLK/SK Lost key, Unlocking the entrance door

"Lost key, Unlocking the entrance door" Apparently he dropped it in a moving bus or taxi. Since the credit cards were also lost, it took quite a while to process the card suspension. OPNUS.Memolis was double locked. Handle …


Opnus-Memolis.GOAL-SK+Patante On-site cancellation of unlocking malfunction inspection

"Unlocking the entrance door with key" It says that there is a key, but two locks will not open.It is declared that there is no door scope, but there will be no particular problem.When I arrived at the scene, someone was already there and the door was unlocked.When I checked with the client, a person from the management company was there.


OPNUS Memolis.USHIN-SHOWA QDJ695 Unlocking the entrance door

"I forgot my key at my parent's house" Unlocking the entrance door by not carrying the key.The characteristic handle shape is QDJ-695 made by USHIN-SHOWA.The cylinder is OPNUS MEMOLIS.It's a combination you see often.The person who works is usually unlocked, and the tension is …


SEKISUI OPNUS Memolis + PATANTE cylinder breaking and unlocking cancellation

"Unlocking the entrance door by not carrying the key" It was a Sekisui Shah Maison type property in a new building.It is a familiar push-pull grip bar lock in Sha Maison.It seems that I left it at the company.The cylinder is an OPNUS Memolis cylinder.what …


OPNUS MMX-Ⅱ.MIWA-DA Unlocking the entrance door by not carrying the key

"Lost key, Unlocking the entrance door" He said he forgot the key at his parents' house in Osaka. I had the OPNUS MMX-2. MIWA push-pull plate type cylinder set.I confirmed the shape of the thumbturn in the hearing, but it was not a crime prevention …


OPNUS MMX-2-TX.TLK+SK Lost key, Unlocking the entrance door

"I lost the key at the expedition destination" It seems that he came home from some expedition destination. She had a big suitcase. What kind of competition is it? Well, it was a 7-year-old apartment, but it was a combination of GOAL + OPNUS. …


Inspection and repair of OPNUS Memolis.LSP lock failure

"It's hard to lock even if the key sticks in." The entrance cylinder was OPNUS's MEMOLIS key.The lock case was MIWA LSP type.However, to my surprise, I could clearly see that the door was greatly distorted.What kind of big power how...

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