We provide on-site specialized services to all areas of Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture, mainly in Yokohama city.

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Business Name

Kagiya-Morioka-Ben locksmith service

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January 30, 2018(HEISEI 1)


Hiroyuki Yoshida


Locksmith [No. 17-11063]

Security equipment (excellent) [17-27654]

Type 2 Electrician [Kanagawa Prefecture]


3-28-8 Nishiterao, Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa, JAPAN

080-5657-1956 050-3588-0524


[Trust and speed]
We will continue to devote ourselves to earning the trust of our customers and everyone involved, and carry out with a sense of speed.We will continue to provide services to everyone who has taken care of us through the key, without forgetting the feeling of "gratitude."

[Faithfulness, strenuous effort with fortitude and vigor]
Being a person who is unadorned, serious, strong and healthy, has a heartfelt heart, is straightforward according to his beliefs, and strives for himself.

Business Activities

Unlocking and creating keys for homes, cars, motorcycles, and office fixtures

Sale, installation, and repair of residential security building parts (locks)

Unlocking a household safe

Business trip rush service business related to other keys in general

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