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Monthly Archive: June 2021

No LATthumbturn Lever operation unlock

It was a declaration that it was "a type that locks automatically like a hotel".Judging the condition of the thumbturn from the position and type of bolt that can be seen through the gap.It's not clear when you check with the client.I immediately try with an opener, but I have no feeling.Visual confirmation …

Keylex 800 Indoor Confinement Unlocking and Repair

"There are people inside, but I can't get out." It was a room in an office-combined condominium.There is no door scope.Last year, it was replaced with a PIN button type.I asked for my PIN and tried to unlock it from the outside, but there was no response.However, the gap with the door frame is unusually wide. …

Cylinder replacement for GOAL GOE when moving in

"Study of Electronic Lock and Cylinder Replacement" In a property near the coast, this is a handle that is significantly affected by salt damage. It came with a TMB security thumbturn.The client wanted an electronic lock, but gave up on the reference estimate. I think it can be done with about 50,000 YEN …

WEST916.LSP Cylinder slip repair due to improper installation

``Unlocking the entrance door that spins idly'' It is said that it is in a 360-degree idling state with a dimple key.When I checked the actual product, I was worried about the position of the collar part of the cylinder.I don't think so, but when I loosened it, the cylinder body was installed in a wobbly state.

ALPHA digital lock X, interlock release Lithium battery replacement lid

"I replaced the battery, but it didn't work, so I tried to remove it again, but I couldn't get the lid off." It is the predecessor of ed-Lock, but it is a fairly old product. The electronic lock made by ALPHA is characterized by the lid for battery replacement, which can be opened when the battery runs out.


"Met-in unlock request" A motorcycle project for the first time in a long time occurred nearby.I'm like a student, but I'm worried about payment. It is a type with 7 pins and a fixing pin at the tip.I've tried it a few times with Raking, and it's still unresponsive, so I'll create a key ...

PR-J.PGVF SF cylinder replacement for crime prevention measures due to loss

"I want to replace the entrance key because I lost the key." CP-J.PGVF SF painted specification push-pull grip handle lock PGF713.It is a thin, large cylinder with a diameter of 33 mm and a phosphorescent material ring.Unfortunately, the same type of stock is gone ...

Unlocking the entrance door with Daiwa House DROOM MIWA PiACK U1

"Card Lost key, Unlocking the entrance door" This is MIWA's electronic lock that requires a card to be held up.I don't think I have an emergency key. There is also a SECOM seal, but we will proceed with the estimate.It has been declared that it is a switch-type crime prevention thumbturn, so after the estimate …

KABA-ACE.RA cylinder replacement from MUL-T-LOCK

"The entrance key does not stick, so I would like to repair or replace it." The key does not stick.Cleaning the cylinder is expected to improve it, but I only have two keys and I haven't received the owner card, so I can't make a spare.Therefore, it was exchanged.Marte …

Unlocking the entrance door of Alpha ed-LOCK electronic lock by indoor confinement

"I can't get out of the room because my thumbturn doesn't move at all."As far as I can see from the outside, there is no problem with the positional relationship between the deadbolt and the strike.I tried with my PIN, but I was unable to…

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Hmm ... I'll exchange it before this happens.

Hmm ... I'll exchange it before this happens

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