"The handle of the toilet is broken, so I want you to repair it."

It's been 20 years old, but it doesn't look so old.

The lever of the subject's toilet lock was about to be unscrewed and was hanging around.However, I wonder if the paint will come off so much in 20 years at the most.

What surprised me was that I had been using it for almost a year in this state.It seems that he finally decided to repair it.

You can't estimate the details without disassembling it, so I'll remove all of them.

The spindle block of the square core is considerably worn.The lock case will be replaced, but the front is engraved with Daiwa House, but it was Giken's LVS. (I'm glad it was in stock ~)

The front is R6 with rounded corners, so I decided to reuse it as it is.Most of the condominiums are R6 type with rounded corners, but only the front is not available.