Google MAP is indispensable for finding an address or moving on an iPhone.

However, this amount of data communication exceeded 1MB in a week.

The limit value (2GB) was reached in a blink of an eye, and the speed was limited.

If you feel that searching and displaying are slow. .. .. .. .. .. ..

There is no choice but to change to the 20GB Gigamax plan.


However, since the application is on the 21st, you have to purchase 1GB or 500MB until then.

(I'm just buying it in bulk)

It is Google, not GORILLA, that can display traffic information most accurately and at the fastest speed.


However, since the route is displayed without any moderation, I use it in combination with GORILLA.

It seems that smartphones are superior to dedicated devices in GPS accuracy.

Let's say you wait for a new product at the end of the free map update in June.

I'm looking forward to new products that utilize the Japanese version of the GSP satellite PANASONIC!