"I want to exchange the front door key as a measure against wandering grandma"

It seems that an old lady who knows the location of this house is trying to get the key in.

It seems that the wandering grandmother may have made a mistake in her house, and she may be drinking tea without permission.

By the way, the target is GOAL's thumb latch box lock 40 years ago.

Similar to PMK, but the cylinder is not applicable.Naturally.

I wanted to do something about it by the end of the day, so I thought it would be an MDU, but I didn't care about the appearance because the PMK grip ball is the cheapest, so I agreed to replace it with a full PMK set.

The thumb latch was completely removed.Only the outer and inner cylinders of the cylinder are exposed, and there is no cover.I don't know because there is no model notation. The replacement with MIWA U9.PMK is not completely compatible, but unnecessary holes were closed with screws.

The work was time-consuming due to unnecessary hole processing.It seems that the tooth of the tip jig is missing, so let's replace it.