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Tag: Electronic lock

The door does not open even after entering the PIN, Sensor malfunction due to ALPHA ed-Lock control board failure

"No matter how many times I enter my password, it doesn't respond" This morning, I changed my password, and after checking it several times, I locked it and went out.After returning home, it seems that even if you enter the PIN, it will not respond.It did not respond even with the PIN code before the change.I will check when I arrive...


ALPHA ed-Lock (modified), Unlocking the entrance door and repair by lithium battery cover defect

"When I was replacing the battery myself, I accidentally closed the door with the battery cover still attached." She closed the battery cover when she was replacing the battery herself.She then said she bought batteries but her cover wouldn't open.…


First generation SESAME Unlocking the entrance door due to dead battery and no key

"Unlocking the entrance door by not carrying the key" It seems that the first generation SESAME is installed.Moreover, the battery has run out a long time ago, and it seems that it can be opened and closed with the normal U9 key as it is.When I checked with the camera, it was SESAME, but Sam …


ALPHA ed-Lock Plus numeric keypad stopped responding

"The numeric keypad stopped responding after replacing the battery" Symptoms of the numeric keypad not responding are common with "ed-Lock".Due to the board defect, it is necessary to replace the entire unit.What about this time?When I arrived at the scene, "ed-Lock Pl ...


MIWA digital numeric keypad lock TK4LT LAT automatic lock type electronic lock malfunction check repair

"I just changed the battery, but sometimes the numeric keypad doesn't respond." At first, I didn't know the name of the manufacturer.When searching from the property name, it was a MIWA random numeric keypad automatic locking type "TK4LK33-2" without thumbturn.Unlocked late last night, su …


ALPHA ed-Lock Suddenly I'm worried about the mysterious warning sound

"Inspection for sudden alarm sound several days ago" Pressing the numeric keypad for locking causes the alarm sound after the deadlock is activated. "beep beep beep beep beep beep" beep three times in a row.Sometimes it does not respond when pressing the unlock numeric keypad.Old apartment …


YKKap/ALPHA Pitatto Key lock Cylinder breaking and unlocking

"The door was closed by itself and I was locked out." There is only one locking point, and it is a type that can be opened and closed with a card key and a dimple key.It was a detached terrace house type rental property, and it was declared that there was no door scope or door post.Well, one …


SHINSEI Fingerprint Authentication Electronic Lock S-50C Replacement Quote

"Estimate to replace with a new electronic lock" It seems to be a fingerprint authentication type electronic lock, but it seems that there are many cases where it is not recognized.It was the first time I tried it. There was a carved seal of "SHINSEI".When I looked into it, it seems that it has already been discontinued, and the same one is available.


SESAME3+MIWA.LB+USHIN-SHOWA.QDj695 Lost key, Unlocking the entrance door

"I went out without my key and was locked out by the automatic lock." However, I thought it was a special lock that automatically locks because I left the key in the house. Or...


ALPHA ed-Lock+MIWA 13LA+Unlocking the entrance door with thumbturn cover

"Can't enter the room due to wrong PIN" No matter how many times I try the PIN given by the management company, I can't enter the room. The management company was already closed and could not be contacted. At first, I thought that it would be completed by unlocking normally, but the feeling of the tip …

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