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Tag: Automatic locking

MIWA digital numeric keypad lock TK4LT LAT automatic lock type electronic lock malfunction check repair

"I just changed the battery, but sometimes the numeric keypad doesn't respond." At first, I didn't know the name of the manufacturer.When searching from the property name, it was a MIWA random numeric keypad automatic locking type "TK4LK33-2" without thumbturn.Unlocked late last night, su …


Smart lock "SESAME" Unlocking the entrance door

“I carelessly walked out the front door without my smartphone.” It is said that he carelessly left the front door without his smartphone while taking out the trash in the morning.The minute she walked out the door she realized it was too late.It was said that it was locked out by the automatic locking function.Smart lock …


MIWA PR.AU electric lock unlock cancellation, apartment manager room somewhere in Tokyo

"I left the key to the apartment manager's room in the room and locked it in."Of course it's an automatic lock, so you can't open it without a key.Check on site …


SwitchBot lock + upside down PR.BH Unlocking the retrofit electronic lock

"Unlocking the entrance door" The request was only simple information.Of the two locks, only the upper one was requested to be unlocked. If you check on Google, it is a double lock of the knob and the auxiliary lock.What exactly does this upper side only mean? …


Unlocking the EPIC LE-2D electronic lock-Do you know the person? Auxiliary lock-

"Unlocking the entrance door" I was a foreign client who returned home for the first time in a week.It is a declaration that the door does not open even though there is a key, and it is a request to unlock due to a malfunction of unlocking.It was stated that there was no door scope, but this point is unknown. According to the confirmation on Google Maps, it is old ...


ed-Lock PLUS Irritated battery cover Interlock unlock

"I changed the battery, but the lid cannot be removed." Is the phenomenon that the lid cannot be removed a problem with ALPHA's electronic lock ed-Lock system?When I arrived at the scene, it was the current ed-LockPLUS (ed-Lock PLUS) electronic lock with an emergency cylinder. (for a long time …

Smart lock pitfalls Qrio + Security thumbturn Unlocking the front door with MIWA B5

"Unlocking the front door due to the loss of the key" The content of the requester's application was that it would come with a crime prevention thumbturn + thumbturn cover.I thought about it until the site, but if it is a push-pull door handle type of MIWA and GOAL, the thumbturn cover is limited.

Unlocking and repairing electric locks for ward-operated condominiums MIWA AL02

"I have the key, but the door doesn't open." I left the room with the key to get rid of the garbage in the morning, but the key didn't work.The client is an elderly person, and it seems that there are many elderly people in this condominium in particular.The chairman of the management union has contacted me.I think it's a cylinder malfunction ...

Automatic locking entrance AL 3 locks and Unlocking the entrance door

"Unlocking the entrance door" I returned from my parents' house, but it seems that I found out in front of the entrance that I didn't bring the key.She was stuck at the automatic locking entrance.Since it does not connect with the management company, it is a direct unlock request.Enter the entrance if anyone comes ...

Electric lock MIWA.AL02 unlocking

"Unlocking the automatic entrance lock" It is said that the door was sadly closed automatically when I noticed that I went out without holding the key carelessly.There are different types of automatic locks.Most of the handlebars are in the shape shown in the photo.Latchbol from the gap ...

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